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Isource India workforce consists of highly experienced group of people who can listen to your audio files and covert those seminars and meetings in text format. We offer our services in high accuracy and the delivery time is always guaranteed to meet the client requirements. Isource India all the required expertise and infrastructure's to transcribe hour-long conversation in minimum three hours time including of uploading and downloading time.

Business transcription is the service of converting audio files into verbatim transcripts for companies across industries - from medicine and insurance to airlines and automobiles. Isource India offers its technical expertise to transcribe conference calls, meetings, seminars and analyst calls.

Our transcription expertise also offers services in producing document forms of event like sales meeting, budget planning session and other business conversations.

So if you are looking for outsourcing business transcription to India Isource India can be your suitable and reliable partner. We can guarantee 99% accuracy in transcribing various business meetings like sales and annual or quarterly or half yearly report of the companies.

We can also transcribe conference calls with maximum accuracy and high security for confidential contents.

Isource India offers its customers value added service for its customer offering them its high expertise solution at an affordable rate.

Isource India has its base in chennai with high end PC's and a broad band connection offering our customers privilege to upload or email their contents to our server and offering transcribed data's to our customer right into their desktop.

You are provided with a secure password to access your file in our site.
We have our own digital dictation equipment for the clients use otherwise clients can use their own equipment. VOX or Wave formats are preferred.

Business Transcription Process:

We specialize in all types of business transcription process. Isource India has been a leading provider of business transcription services on a national level for some times now. We guarantee consistent, accurate business transcripts on time, in any format you need, and at an affordable price.

Business transcriptions can easily overload your staff and make their workload seem endless. Don't let your office fall behind on more important duties. By outsourcing business transcription services, you'll not only save money, you'll create a more productive atmosphere for your employees. And save much cost by outsourcing your requirement to India. We don't charge for these services:

Special equipment cost.

No pay for hourly work downtime of employee.

We don't have any special paid vacations and sick leave for our employees.

  • Business Transcription Services for business groups
  • Business Transcriptions for Speakers/Moderators
  • Business Transcriptions of Teleconferences
  • Business Transcription Services for Books/Manuscripts


Business Transcription files are done using specially selected work force who are only given business transcription works. We offer transcribed data in Word format. The files from our clients are transcribed on a transcription station and put into a customized format that is pre-defined by the client. We support both Word and WordPerfect formats. You can provide any requisite file templates. Other file formats may be supported on request.

Quality check:

We have well experienced editors; process managers and English language specialist are available for proofreading the transcribed report. We maintain an accuracy level of 99% and above at all times.

Delivery of Reports:

The transcribed reports are transferred via Internet to the client's email or server.

Archival of works:

Isource India maintains a detailed record and transcribed data's safely for a period of twelve months. The data's are stored in full security preventing any leakage of confidential reports. Our experts will be available for your service if your data becomes damaged or inaccessible or accidentally deleted. Just quote your customer id which will be given to you at the beginning of service

In addition to the above-mentioned services we also offer transcribing of Press Conferences, Scripts, Interviews, schools and for Police and Fire department also.

Business Transcription Services for Schools :

Our expertise service will provide a quality service like handling of your overflow reports, projects and accreditation reports.

In addition to the transcription of the above reports we also provide services like conversion of textbook in to CD format, developing interactive audio and video for teaching students. The PowerPoint slides development for making your lessons interesting and attractive for students.

Transcription of seminars is also undertaken. The seminars can be recorded in the Standard/micro cassettes, audio files, (wav, vox, dss, mp3) Internet, VHS or DAT. All audio is enhanced through analog and digital equipment. And documentation of seminars are done for the schools and colleges.

By Outsourcing Your School Transcription Service Needs, you can optimize your funds for various other useful purposes rather then spending the bulk of money in transcribing them locally. With outsourcing you will also get the following benefits like

No special costs for equipment.

No hourly employee downtime. Pay only for production.

No SSI, payroll, or unemployment taxes.

No medical insurance benefits, paid vacations, and sick leave.

Whether you have a small or large word processing project, we will provide fast, accurate and professional service to you or your organization.

Our school transcription Services include

Desktop Publishing

  • Databases
  • Research Papers/Thesis
  • Manuals
  • Booklets
  • Power Point slides

Business Transcription Services for Police and Fire Departments:

High confidentiality information's of taped interviews, traffic accident reports, fire reports, bugged conversations, interviews of witnesses and/or suspects, and wire taps of police and Fire departments are undertaken and high confidentiality and efficiency are maintained for such transcriptions.

Isource India can transcribe high confidentiality information's like:

Taped interviews

Traffic accident reports

A written record of the proceedings of a committee. By Oregon statute, the official record of a meeting is the tape recording of its proceedings; the written record accompanying it serves as an index to the contents of the tapes.

A written record which details the events of the corporation. These records should be kept in the corporation's or LLC's record book.

official record of proceedings of a meeting.

An accurate record of the proceedings (See Journal).

The written record of proceedings of a deliberative body.

Memoranda or notes of a transaction or proceeding. A memorandum of what takes place in the court, made by the attorney of the court.

A written record which details the events of the corporation. These records should be kept in the corporation's, or LLC's record book.

A record of what takes place in court.

A written record of memoranda or notes which detail the events of the corporation and it acts and transactions. These records should be kept in the corporation's record book.

The corporate minutes are the written record of transactions taken or authorized by the board of directors or shareholders. These are usually kept in the corporate minute book in diary fashion.

The official (permanent) record of a court proceeding; e.g., what witnesses appeared, what motions were made, and what findings were reached. (see Transcripts)

Memoranda or notes of a proceeding. [SAA]

Memorandum of a transaction or proceeding.

An accurate record of the proceedings (see Daily Journal).

Written records of formal proceedings of stockholders and directors meetings.

A record of what the group did or accomplished at a meeting; should reflect who attended the meeting, what content was discussed, what was decided, who agreed to take on what responsibilities, and what the group plans to do next; usually taken by the group's secretary.

Project minutes are a concise collection of resolutions, action items, and issues that promote accountability. The resolution and action items each have a completion date and the name of the person responsible.

Minutes of the Legislative Council for wach sitting day.

Meeting Minutes are actually legal documents that are supposed to be kept and approved for every HOA meeting. They are to be made available to any member of a HOA who wishes to see them during normal business hours of operation at the HOA main office. The right to inspect the minutes also included the right to copy them.

A chronological record of the proceedings of and actions taken at a meeting.

Official records of proceedings kept for all Quaker business meetings (preparative, monthly, quarterly, and yearly meetings), along with their committees.

The record of the proceedings of a meeting of shareholders or board of directors, usually prepared and signed by the corporate secretary.

A written record detailing the proceedings of a shareholders or directors meeting.
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